If you need a Sizzle Reel production company, we of course can help.

Here’s a recent Sizzle Reel we produced for Bruce Mack

For the client we’ve cut several versions for use with live audience (above – SFX / attention-getter intro, applause at end), webinar / online versions (no intro, no applause), and from there, we can even do further cuts specifically tailored to an audience.

Also, we like to keep things modular, and produce a “bridge” if needed. Originally, the client wanted a single sizzle reel that flowed directly into the product sales reel, but by doing so, he’d make it more difficult to re-purpose the asset.

By focusing a single sizzle reel on just him, then flowing directly into a product, or producing a very short “bridge” i.e. few seconds of voiceover to connect the two videos, he has a sizzle reel he can use for a variety of products.

It’s also easier to update over the years as he wins more accolades, has footage to add, etc.

Confidentially, for speakers just starting out, we can work our photoshop magic to make it appear as though you have spoken to larger audience if needed. This client didn’t need it – the sizzle reel audience images are real.

A few tips on speaker sizzle reels:

  1. Generally, you want the ending to either energize or inspire or both. Obviously this will vary by audience – if you’re a sales trainer it’ll be different than a yoga trainer. Our goal is get the audience excited to hear whatever you say, and to do that, we need to stir up some emotions.
  2. Start believable. In researching competitors, we found some voiceovers were straight out of WWII Wrestling – much too over the top for his audience, who don’t want to feel “sold”
  3. A common script format / recipe is one of…
    1. “Local boy makes good” i.e. I had a problem like you, solved it, and am returning home with the prize
    2. “Superhero” – I’m moving downmarket after charging millions to massive enterprise companies
  4. Format is usually one of two, or a mix of these:
    1. Biography style – like the above
    2. Talking head style. If you have a really unique message that stands out, this can be powerful, simple, effective, and fast and cheap to produce if you’re a good speaker.
  5. Legality: we use all legal stock photos. When TV clips are used, we advise the client it’s on them should they get a “cease and desist” from the network and officially we cannot recommend it, though frankly, many choose to proceed with and credit the ┬ásource (i.e. “Footage courtesy NBC”). All stock photos and stock footage are purchased with legal rights – not just ripped off the internet.

Exceptional Examples: Props to Rick Smith (not our production, but a great example).

Note: Staff includes hollywood veterans – if you have the budget, we can bring in “the big guns”, medium guns, or whatever level you need. This is a simple production, if you have (1.) the ability on camera, and (2.) the venue to use for a few hours.

If you’re curious or serious, get in touch to get a quote.