Here’s a new sales video, for which the client wanted an Apple-style feeling.

It’s a great look, and since their call-to-action is a $1 Trial, the soft sell works well.

Note this was actually shot over a greenscreen at the home studio of RogerV, and the client was reading off title cards simply printed and taped to the camera, but since there’s enough going on visually and the destination is only on the web, it works.

Were this going to large screens i.e. trade show TVs, etc., we’d hook up a teleprompter, or have the talent memorize the script.

One challenge with this production was that the talent (industry-speak for whoever is on the screen) speaks in a very staccato fashion, with a lot of pauses – so each time we punch in to a close up or back out, it’s generally because we’re cutting between takes and mistakes, or chopping out a pause.

If you’re in the market for a sales video production, note you don’t need to get your dialogue right all in one giant take – we cut it together, coach you on screen to work on gestures and ensure you deliver your message with the tone you desire.